Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mesh on Mass, not a Mess

I have visited Mesh several times since it has opened a few months ago and I haven't been disappointed once.  Mesh has it all!  It has a wonderful and intimate outdoor area that is enjoyable when the weather is warm.  The inside decor is up-beat and cozy, all at the same time.  It is a great place to dine if you have a large group, an intimate dinner, a quick bite before a show, or if you want to grab a dessert and drink after a show!  I would picture someone like Jennifer Aniston dinning here.  It is classy and fun, but not too trendy where most may feel out of place.

The service is always great!  And the menu items are even better.  Mesh offers a happy hour menu from 4-6 and late night.  Everything is $2, and the menu is big!  Great way to grab a snack instead of having fast food or something fried.  Dinner items I have tried were the burger, the wedge salad and the sea bass.  All three were delicious!  The chef does a lovely job on presentation.  I love the variety on the menu as well.  There are lower prices sandwiches or there are higher priced entree items, so it really fits every budget!  And if you want to indugle....get a will be in heaven!

Thursday nights are fun!  Mesh offers half priced martinis all day long.  I guess it wants to compete with 45 degrees, and there is a definite competition!  I give many kudos on the Old-Fashion Ginger Martini!  It is excellent!  It is also nice to have a place that is featuring whiskey or bourben based drinks!!!  THANK YOU!!!  I am a HUGE whiskey, bourben and scotch drinker.  With good scotch drinks it is good to sip on it "neat" or on the "rocks", but it feels good to be included in a nightly special every now and then.  Let's be honest too, don't you all get sick and tired of having the same old specials of margaritas and long islands???  Boring.  Mesh is a great addition to the Indianapolis market!  Downtown needed something like this to come along, especially on Mash Ave!

Now, if you are a person that wants to pay $5 for a burger and get endless fries, go to Ruby Tuesday's.  You will be happy there.  The cost of items are priced out well at Mesh.  Good food is not cheap!  I am a big believer in "you pay for what you get".  Mesh is definitely worth the money.  Anywhere that has a chef preparing the meals, and there are good items to accompany it, you the consumer will pay more.  Why?  It takes money to pay a staff that knows what needs to be done.  Second, good sea bass and meat isn't cheap.  I know a lot of you out there live in la la land, but restaurants do not operate as a non-for-profit.  Whoever owns the entity would like to make some money, and be able to pay the staff well.  We are in America!  And I'd rather give my money to someone putting out a good product, and who pays taxes, then someone who has given up and would rather stand on a corner and get drunk.  So if you are that person that likes to b*tch because the Indianapolis area never has anything new, or you are sick of chains...this is the place for you!  Please remember, you aren't going to pay chain prices. 

Also, if you all have noticed I don't post pictures.  Why?  I am not a food photographer, and there is a real art in capturing the quality of a food item.  I'm not going to butcher a beautiful sea bass with my camera phone and a shaky hand after I've had a few drinks!  Also, you have to really take my word on this stuff!  Hopefully I sound believable enough you'll you see it for yourself!  Plus you can't smell and taste a picture and that's the best part about food!

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