Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tavern on South - Explosion...

My roommate visted Tavern on South and told me I needed to try it.  First of all the location is right next to Lucas Oil stadium, which is awesome for events!  Second, it has its own parking lot!!!  Yes a free place to park Downtown!

The decor inside has a sports theme to it, and it is very cozy.  As I was seated I noticed the beer line up at the bar....WOW!!!  Great selection of beers!  I didn't know where to start!  The menu is very nice.  I ordered the bison burger with fries.  I had to!  My roommate got it and said it was great, and it is hard to find bison meat at restaurants!  It was amazing!  The meat was very moist and the bacon was superb!  I asked and Tavern on South buys the bacon locally, which is a huge plus in my book!  The fries were good too, nice and crispy!  It came out warm and the fries were seasoned well.

Some people get picky about fries and it makes me laugh!  Like I have said before, fried stuff is all the same!  I think if you can tell a huge different between fries, you are probably eating it too much and need to stop!  Critiquing fried food is like giving an opinion on fast is irrelevant and a waste of time!

I was able to enjoy a pint of the Single Wide IPA, then I had People's Mr. Brown....both excellent!  I haven't found these beers available on tap in Indy!  Hats off to Tavern on South and I wish you best of luck!  I can't wait till the summer to enjoy the rooftop patio either!  I am excited thinking about it!

Lastly, the service was great!  I read some reviews that were a little negative about the service, and my advice is to give a restaurant another chance!  Sometimes servers have off nights, or you can be the table that everything just messed up on; regardless, give places second chances.  Everyone should wait a couple of months after a place is open so it has the opportunity to work out all the kinks.  Each and every restaurant is its own beast.  When you are a restaurant manager, you basically plan for the unexpected and hope things work out for the best.  Unless the staff was spitting on you, or telling you to f*ck off....try it again.  Even though you are being waited on, you are not a princess so relax and try to enjoy the good points!  Again, I am very pleased to see something like this open in Indianapolis!  Cheers!

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