Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Oceanaire

If you want good seafood, go to The Oceanaire!  I had an amazing experience there.  For all you people that say the best seafood is in Baltimore, Boston, Naples etc....guess what, you are right.  I get it.  You are right there by freshwater and the seafood is top notch.  I am in Indiana, and for being in a land-locked state, The Oceanaire does it right!

The atmosphere is very soothing.  Honestly, as good as the service and food was I could have sat on a tin bucket and still had no complaints!  My server was exceptionally great.  He was enthusiastic, he smiled and was extremely knowledgeable on menu items.  His name was John or Jon.  As soon as I entered I was greated by the manager or host and was seated immediately.

I try to limit my portions when I go out to eat because I refuse to be 200 lbs and diabetic.  I LOVE food, but I also love my health.  I prefer quality over quantity any day!  Since I was there with only one other person, we decided to skip on an appetizer and went straight for the entrees.  There are so many people out there that complain about being stuffed, or restaurants have really big portions, then portions are too small....blah blah blah.  I think people complain too much!  How could anyone go wrong with an extraordinary oyster bar, a vast wine list and fresh fish in Indiana?  I had the Mixed Grill Seafood Plate and my guest had the Black and Bleu Mahi Mahi.  Both of the items were prepared very well.  Seafood always has to be prepared with care cause if it is over cooked it will be very dry.  I thought both dishes were full of flavor, but not over seasoned.

I read some reviews on The Oceanaire and it made me laugh to see some of the responses.  One review was negative because there wasn't any fresh tuna available the day the person dined there.  Again, Indiana is a land locked state...product has to be flown into the area.  A lot can go wrong.  Sometimes when product is recieved it is bad, and it has to be rejected.  You can't just snap your fingers and have fish appear!  You aren't Jesus, for Christ's sake!  Sometimes the East Coast will have these things called snow storms, and a lot of business and production is haulted.  Restaurants are some of the hardest businesses to run and people can be merciless if things aren't perfect.

Please, if you go somewhere and they are out of something don't take offense to it.  Take the opportunity to order something else!  Remember this too, your server does not have control if a product is available or not....do not take it out on he or she!  Tip well!!!  Hats off to The Oceanaire on a fine job on good food and service!

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