Friday, January 21, 2011

Champps Downtown

I visited Champps Downtown on Thursday night before and after seeing a movie.  I typically dislike going to chain restaurants, but it has been a while since I have been to Champps and I thought why not stop in and give it a try.  First off it has a lot of beers on tap.....all were boring.  It is your typical Fat Tire, Sam Adams, Bud and Coors that are being served.  Oh wait, there were two local craft beers....Sun King Sunlight Cream and Upland Dragon Fly IPA.  As I started to yawn, and thought about a water, I went ahead and got a Fat Tire. 

When I returned after seeing Black Swan (amazing movie), I was a little hungry.  I remember a long time ago I used to get a filet mignon burger that was pretty good.  But as most chains evolve....the philosophy is to cut and cut and cut and go cheap, so it was not on the menu anymore.  There were a lot of spruced up burgers and salads, but I was uninterested.  I think it gets a little old to get a BBQ or Bleu Cheese burger....blah.  I looked at the appetizers and was ready to fall asleep going through it.  Mozzerella sticks.....wings.....nachos.....chicken fingers, I mean, I have NEVER had those before....way to be a little original Champps.  How can any restaurant do any of those items poorly?  Step 1, take the chicken fingers out of a box....Step 2, dump the product in a fryer....Step 3, wait till the light goes off and put the product on a plate.  Oh, and all of the items were all at least $8.99 or more.  Yes, YOU the public will walk into a chain and get raped.  Most of the time you don't even know who the father is, you have an STD, then you are left wondering....what happened???  I have seen it time and time again.

My point is: I have seen so many argue and complain about the pricing at "mom and pop" restaurants when the food is typically hand made, but not blink twice to pay $16.00 for an appetizer sampler!  STOP THE MADNESS AND BE SMARTER!!!  Support local restaurants....especially if there is a chef in the kitchen, and the food is being prepared from scratch or close to scratch.

I was hungry so I ordered the loaded potato chips.  I was in the mood for some grease and it seemed a little different.  $8.99 for some chips with cheese, sour cream and green onions.  It was okay.  It was like having bad sex.  When you have sex, even if it is bad, it is still sex.....right?  I won't say I got raped cause I knew what I was getting into before I went there, so let's just say I got taken advantage of.  I tried it once more, but let this be a lesson to us all.....stop going to chains!  Why did I go, well I had really good company so I could have been at Taco Bell and not cared.  Plus I needed to make a point...

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  1. I went there with my boyfriend and his dad last year on a Colts game day. Needless to say it was crowded. We had to wait for lackluster food. The service flopped, the food was below average, and overall the experience just wasn't nice. I wouldn't have felt so bad if I went in there of my own accord/curiosity, but the fact that my boyfriend's dad (and his girlfriend) was bragging about it just rubbed salt into the wound.

    I do agree that their menu is incredibly unoriginal. It's boring; nothing is new. I could have gone somewhere else and I would have been happier.